Welcome to the Sharda Mechanic Works.

With a continuous development and precision in the automation,  SHARDA MECHANIC WORKS  PVT. LTD., has pioneered its experience in the manufacturing of Grinding machines. grounded in 1970. With a core competence in the field of grinding machines, SHARDA is committed to deliver a high degree of accuracy and productivity.  It was formerly known as  ‘AMBA PETLAR’.



The company majorly manufactures External and Internal  grinding machines in various models and capacity since 1970 also, PLC / CNC  External / internal grinding machines are manufactured here.  As per the requirement of any customer, SPM / CNC or  SPM Hydraulic cylindrical grinding machines are manufactured.  Single axis machines and  CNC machines are drafted and well outlined using a latest software for 3D moulding like  ‘Solid Works’.

The arising demand and the forthcoming projects ensured an additional advantage to enhance the reputation of the company.  A well – set team of engineers,  technicians and latest facilities elucidate  a well formulated work shop.  The on time delivery and all outstanding service justified customer satisfaction.  With a parallel focus on industrialization and upgrading technology,  SHARDA promises a ‘Point to point Perfection’ in manufacturing & designing grinding machines.